Strong newly built house with magnificent view on Agean Sea near the road in archeological protected village EMBORIOS at the isle of NISYROS (Dodecanese).
Completely rebuilt in 2011, from original stones and concrete. Two floors 110 m². 4 Rooms / kitchen / toilet / bathroom. Porch/veranda 12 m². Courtyard: 15 m². Parking lot in front of the door. Connected to public water supply. Cistern. Natural Sauna. Superbly located 12 minutes from the beaches.

H. Hagen/Tortike (+31 6 533 60 354)

The house

The house is at the entrance road of the village of EMBORIOS.  A very quiet village on the volcanic island Nisyros. It is completely handmade rebuild in 2009-2012 with the original stones and reinforced concrete. It has two floors altogether 110 m2.

Downstairs: the entrance is at a courtyard of 15m2. Inside is a big room (25m2) with kitchen, a toilet and in front of the house two rooms: a small bedroom (12m2) and a patio (10m2). The patio can be covered in order to have an extra room or make the two rooms one big room.

Upstairs:  a big room (25 m2), a bathroom with a shower. The jewel of the house is the balcony (12 m2) with the spectacular 120 degrees view on the Agean Sea (Kos, Strongili, Turkey) and at the million stars at night. No one is ever able or allowed to built in front of the house. So the view is lifetime guaranteed!

When you give the downstairs patio a roof you can either put solar panels on it or enlarge the balcony to  22 square meters!
On all the floors are Amalfia Beige tiles, strong and easy to clean .

The house has 9 windows. We participate in a European Environmental Program that will make all the windows with double glass (for free !) in 2015-2016.

All the rooms can easily be warmed in wintertime by the woodstove OPUS of the famous woodstove-builders Haas+Sohn. In the neighbourhood of the house is always plenty of old wood available.
The house is connected to public water supply and has also it’s own 600m3 dwell/cistern, filled by rainwater from the roof in wintertime. It has a very good functioning traditional septic tank but can also be easily connected to the public sewerage system that is constructed in this village in 2012.
In the courtyard it is possible to make a small Natural Sauna because we kept two openings in the wall giving free space to warm air from mother earth.

The property is superbly located 12 minutes from the beaches of Pali, Lies Pagia Amos, and 15 minutes from the capital Mandraki. Parking spaces in front of the door.

You can still perfectly make it your own house. Everything is there, but not everything is completely finished. For example, the woodstove is built in and functioning very well, but it has no conversion yet. Or: the patio you can change in another room.  Or: combine the two rooms in front and make the terrace/balcony on the first floor bigger. If you want and have the permit, you can even change the house into a restaurant with the best view on the island!

Why  We  Sell  it .

We fell in love with Nisyros in the year 2000 and we returned every year a couple of times. Sometimes with Easter, mostly in summertime and many years as often as possible.
In these years we (learned to) play Rembetiko from Nisyrian friends, renovated a small fishing boat and made this with sail, started to learn Greek language and enjoy the strong and beautifull nature of Nisyros.
In 2008  we bought a ruin in Emborios from a Greek-Australian family. Dimitris Xazoglou from Emborios rebuild it in 2009-2012 to the strong and beautifull house it is today. Due to health-reasons we have to sell the house.

The Village

The property is at the entrance road of the village of Emborios, a dead-end road. No ongoing traffic, only from the people of the village. About 20 people live in this archeological protected village, in summertime 40.

Greek people who were born in Emborios but now live in the rest of the world, are restoring the houses of their ancestors and come back in summertime. And of course some people like us, crazy about Nisyros, from Greece, France and Switzerland, bought and renovated a property in this village.

Emborios is a mountainous traditional village featuring the Castle of Pantoniki, the church of Taxiarches, and the Natural Sauna. In the restaurant of Katerina Xazoglou-Mammis “The Balcony of Emporeio”, you can enjoy the spectacular view to the Volcano while eating very well home made traditional dishes.

The island

The island of Nisyros is a volcanic island south of Kos and Northwest of Rhodes with a diameter of about 10 kilometers and it has  900 inhabitants. Nisyros offers wonderful landscapes and walking paths, beautiful beaches and a clear sea.
Nisyros has not been destroyed by mass tourism and is an ideal place on earth for those who wish to experience Greece as it really is, full of tradition and authentic people. Words, Music, Dance and real good Homemade Food in at least 7 restaurants in 4 villages.
No industry, very few cars and bikes, so the air is healthy and: the wind is always coming from sea.

The island has all the basic shops, as well as a good health centre with psysicians, a pharmacy and a dentist. Accountants, a real estate manager, a plummer, carpenters, an electrician, architects, a civil engineer and very experienced builders live and work on the island. They are all reliable, professional and English speaking.

The island is impressive for it’s strong and lovely nature and history, visible and touchable everywhere. There are of course modern roads for cars and bikes. But the beautiful original walking paths (monopatia), conneting the villages, are well maintained.
The puma stone part of the soil keeps the rainwater during wintertime. Therefore the island Nisyros is also green in summertime and not burned like so many other Greek islands. Nisyros has for examples 6 different wild orchids and you smell, thyme, oregano, rosemary everwhere and the island is covered by the trees with figs, almonds, oranges, lemon, wallnut. The island has many hot water wells and is known for centuries for its healthy spa.
Two well informed museums on the island give background information about the cultural history and geological history.

Nisyros has several beaches with dark sand or black volcanic stones and the deep blue waters.  The beach of Pali is a family beach, in Mandraki there are two beaches: the beach at Aghios Savvas and Chochlaki beach with big black pevels. About 5 km after Pali the beaches of Lies and Pachia Ammos are ideal for people who look for complete remote or nudist beaches.

Nisyros is a quiet paradise. When many Greek islands are being over run by tourists, traffic and commerce, Nisyros remains as an unspoiled haven of peace and tranquility.
Nisyros possesses the clear water beauty of the Aegean sea coupled with a small village atmosphere.  All year round it offers spectacular vistas. Nisyros is the place to come when you seek peace, tranquility and rejuvenation.

How You Get There

Nisyros is located to the south of Kos and the north-west of Rhodes. It is part of the Dodecanese region, which is in the south-east of Greece. You can fly either to Kos or Rhodes and take a boat from there to Nisyros.

There is daily connection between Kos and Nisyros the whole year round. The local ferry “Panagia Spiliani” leaves every morning from Nisyros either to Kos town or to Kardamena -a small harbor at the north-east of the island, located 10 minutes away from the airport of Kos island- and returns to Nisyros around midday.
Apart from that ferry, from April to October there are small boats transfering tourists from Kardamena to Nisyros, departing from Kardamena.
The sailing time from Kardamena to Nisyros is one hour and from Kos town to Nisyros two hours.

Another connection from Kos and Rhodes to Nisyros is the fast boat/catamaran “Dodekanisos express” usually four times per week. The catamaran leaves form Kos-city and it takes 45 minutes to get to Nisyros.

Blue Star Ferries is also sailing from Piraeus and Rhodos to Nisyros twice per week but the schedule differs per season.

For exact information check the websites or call the
Nisyros Port Authority  (+30 22420 31222) or
Kos Port Authority  (+30 22420 26594)

(see also the website of Mammis Apartments)

All the boats always arrive in Mandraki, the main village of the island. The distance between Mandraki and Emborios is 10 km (15 minutes by car).

To reach Emborios you can bring your own car or bike, rent a car, take a taxi or the public bus (which is free and runs four times a day), or go there by the monopatia.
And then, you are home!